Many people experience anxiety in some degree of another although for some, it can develop to become a mental health condition. There’s a big difference between feeling a little apprehensive ahead of an exam or test and becoming debilitated by the prospect of normal everyday life. In this article, we take a closer look at the symptoms of anxiety as a mental illness and what signs to watch for.

Knowing When to Seek Treatment for Anxiety

Here are the signs that indicate a person could have anxiety disorder if they have persisted for at least 6 months:

– Excessive worrying: A person with severe anxiety is likely to obsess about minutia to the degree that they are constantly mentally preoccupied

– Agitation: One of the main characteristics of anxiety disorder is the inability to silence the mind which leads to agitation and restlessness

– Fatigue: People with anxiety disorder almost invariably have trouble establishing a healthy sleeping pattern which leads to them feeling constantly tired

– Muscle tension: Tense muscles are commonly associated with anxiety, particularly if the individual is experiencing a panic attack

– Panic attacks: anxiety attacks can be extremely severe and because the heartbeat becomes more rapid, some people can feel as though they are experiencing a heart attack

– Avoiding social situations: People with anxiety disorder are likely to have a disproportionate view of social situations, irrespective of whether they know the individuals they are socializing with. They often find it easier to avoid attending social events and functions altogether

– Irrational fears: When someone is struggling with anxiety, they often develop irrational phobias and fears. In fact, a person who was previously fearless can become frightened of almost anything if they have anxiety disorder

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