Seniors and Mental Illness

Seniors and Mental Illness
Mental Illness in Seniors


Advancing in years and having to face one’s own mortality can be a difficult experience for seniors. It is not uncommon for older people to develop mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety as a result of getting older. People who may have enjoyed high-flying careers or taken care of a household for the best part of their lives often feel as though they are less valuable when they get older. Depression and other mental health conditions develop over time and getting older is a vulnerable time for many people.


Helping Seniors with Mental Illness Treatment


There is treatment available for older people with mental health problems, just as there is for people of all ages. Mental illness doesn’t discriminate and it affects people of all ages and all walks of life. Casa Recovery in Southern California offers personalized plans that are devised based on individual needs. We recognize that people experience different issues as they pass through life’s milestones and that everyone has their own path to recovery.


Because mental health conditions don’t develop overnight, it takes some time to treat them. The benefit of a specialist facility such as Casa Recovery is that therapists are able to help individuals recognize where their mental illness came from. This enables both the patient and their therapist to develop a treatment program that addresses the root causes of illness as well as the physical symptoms, if any.


Advancing through the years can become a progressively lonelier experience for many people. Peers start to die or move into retirement homes and people become less independent purely because they lose the ability to look after themselves. Relying on care professionals on a daily basis rather than friends and family can leave people feeling isolated which can make their mental health issues worse.


Find Help for Mental Illness with Specialist Treatment for Seniors in Southern California


It is vital that people know they are not alone when they are coping with mental illness, particularly if they are of a vulnerable age. It is never too late to pursue treatment and find people to support you. Let Casa Recovery help you deal with your mental illness so that you can enjoy a healthy and happy retirement for many years to come. Contact Casa Recovery for mental illness treatment in San Juan Capistrano today.


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