Alcoholism and Seniors: When Older Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Wiser

You don’t normally think of seniors when you think of alcohol-related problems, but studies found a higher frequency of binge drinking episodes in the over 65’s compared to all age groups apart from the 18-24-year olds. The consequences can be serious. Even if a person continues to consume a similar, if over the recommended, amount of alcohol throughout their life, with age your body’s ability to process alcohol diminishes and the impact can be very damaging. An older person’s blood alcohol levels will rise higher than their juniors. Your liver processes alcohol more slowly and the sedative properties of alcohol are more apparent in an aged brain.

How Alcohol Addiction Impacts Seniors

As life goes on and the years clock up, you lose friends and partners, your routines change, life can become lonely or bring with it new pressures and worries. You may have always been a drinker or some change in your life may have led you to turn to alcohol, a freely available mind-altering substance. But what are the signs of a problem with drinking?

You or a loved one may have an alcohol dependence problem if you find some of the following apply:

Turning to drink to relieve anxieties instead of addressing them

Having more than one alcoholic drink a day

Lying about or trying to hide drinking behavior

Regularly risking injuring yourself or someone else while drinking

A tolerance to alcohol is developing, requiring more to get the effects

A tendency to become irritable or moody when not drinking

Medical, social, or financial problems due to alcohol abuse

Becoming isolated and not feeling like attending activities which do not involve alcohol

The signs vary, but as seniors often have pre-existing health issues, alcohol can be very harmful if you are on medication as many of these are incompatible with alcohol use.

Help is at hand! Consider Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Southern California

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