Recover from Your Addiction

Stop letting your addiction stand in your way of having the life you’ve always wanted. Make a positive change and learn more about Casa Recovery and all we have to offer you here. We want to see you succeed and recover from your addiction to lead the life you deserve.

How Do I Get Help?

Reaching out is the first step of recovery. Whether that is to a friend, family member, healthcare professional, or a rehabilitation center itself, making the first move is both the biggest and hardest step of the process. We treat addictions to depressants, opioids, stimulants, and alcohol. We also have specialized tracks to make you feel more at home. Reach out to someone or give us a call to start your recovery process. We would love to be of service.

At Casa Recovery, we know that treating an addiction is a very personal and intimate process. We have plenty of options for whatever your needs may be. We also offer many treatments including holistic treatments, unique group sessions, family group on Sundays, upscale Sober Living housing, a monitored detoxification referral (if needed), and much more. We want you to succeed, so we created programs we know will work for you.

Get Help for Your Addiction in Southern California

Stop waiting to treat your addiction. The perfect timing to reach out for help is now. Create a program and overcome your addiction. We would love to answer any potential questions or concerns you may have, so feel free to contact us anytime with anything you need! You are always welcome to meet our staff online or in person on a tour of our location! Don’t make a blind commitment, let us show you around so you can imagine what recovery would look like here. Get a confidential consultation so we can learn more about your needs and what you would like to achieve in your recovery. Feel free to read up on drug addiction for specific drug information and their treatments. We also have plenty of material on alcohol addiction for you to peruse our alcohol addiction treatments, as well. Help is just a phone call away at Casa Recovery.


Our Care Team is Ready to Answer Any Questions.

Casa Recovery offers a wide range of treatment options for those struggling with mental health and co-occurring issues. We are here for you and ready to assist in any way we can. Contact us right now to get the help you deserve from a group of people who care.