Handling a Relationship with your Company and Coworkers During Recovery

When attending an inpatient rehabilitation program, keeping your company up to date is important if you will be missing workdays. Let them know as much as you are comfortable with sharing. While being open and honest is an option, some people may feel better taking a leave of absence or using paid time off accrued throughout your time working. This decision is entirely yours to make. Make sure to tie up any loose ends with clients or other coworkers before leaving so that everything runs as smoothly as possible without you there. Make sure to know your rights and set up a return-to-work agreement with your employer.

While you are spending time focusing on yourself, it is important to make arrangements for work with both your company and coworkers. While you may be close to some people in the office more than others, you do not have to share all the intimate details of your rehabilitation and recovery with the entire workplace. Make sure to let your work know you will be out of the office, but you do not have to provide the full details of why and where you will be unless that is something you would like to do. Casa Recovery also offers an outpatient treatment option if you would like to continue business as usual at work as well as committing to ending your addiction.

Other Options for Rehabilitation

If you decide to complete your rehabilitation treatment through our outpatient program, you may be able to continue working as usual. Feel free to disclose as much as you’d like with your employer and fellow coworkers. While at work during this somewhat tumultuous time, try your best to avoid any unnecessary workplace drama and to keep a positive and professional attitude. Work can be stressful, so avoid any triggers that may cause you to relapse. On top of that, try suggesting different workplace-bonding activities instead of alcohol-filled happy hours if that is too much of a trigger for you.

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