How to Sustain a Positive Relationship with your Spouse while in Rehab

It is important to remember that your spouse cares very deeply for you, and only wishes to see your health and well-being improve. It is important to stay positive and avoid feeling bad about going to rehab for your own improvement because sometimes that is the only way to truly recover from an addiction. While you have made mistakes in the past, dwelling on them is a waste of time. Now it is time to apologize and move forward.

Addiction isn’t just hard on the person suffering, it is hard on friends, family, and coworkers, as well. When you check into Casa Recovery, you are accepting the responsibility for your addiction and making a vow to work hard to beat it. While in a rehab center, it is both essential and difficult to work on the important relationships in your life. Working on the relationship between you and your spouse may be difficult, but it will be rewarding.

Make Positive Changes for your Partner

Going to therapy alongside your spouse is very helpful for many people overcoming addiction. It’s a positive way to let out unresolved feelings and work through any issues the two of you may have about your addiction. This way you can work on starting fresh once you finish your rehabilitation process. Therapy can help teach both of you healthy communication methods, aid in your continued sobriety, and help you to avoid co-dependency, which can eventually cause even more problems in the long run. Continuing to spend time with friends and family (besides your spouse) prevents you from zeroing in and becoming unhealthily obsessed over your relationship with your spouse.

Relationship problems are a huge trigger for people with addiction issues, so keeping your relationship on the right track (even if for some, that means deciding to end the relationship) is important to your recovery process. Maintaining healthy expectations is another huge part of relationships during and post recovery from addiction. Unfortunately, things aren’t going to just fall into place despite the positive changes you are making. It takes work and lots of trial and error before you find your groove in relationships and your new sober lifestyle. Alcoholics Anonymous and/or Narcotics Anonymous are a great resource for relationship tips and advice, as well. Everyone there either is going through or have already gone through what you are dealing with in your relationship with your spouse.

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