How to Create and Continue a Strong Relationship with your Friends

Staying connected to friends while recovering from addiction helps the process along. Having a strong connection with someone outside of your family can be a great part of the healing process. Take the time to apologize to your friends and explain your feelings to help continue your path to sobriety. Do not hesitate to let go of relationships with friends who may not have the best influence on you. If you have friends who encourage you to make poor decisions and potentially relapse, it is in your best interest to terminate those friendships and instead focus on the more positive ones. Let your friends in as much as you feel comfortable, whether that is telling them the whole story or just the parts you feel ok with sharing.

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves, so keeping in touch with them is important. Going through a rehabilitation treatment is no different. You will need a strong support system, and friends are a big part of that. Come to Casa Recovery for a variety of treatments to aid you in overcoming your addiction.

Handling a Relationship with your Friends During Recovery

A lot of friendships have the potential to blossom into something romantic. While having that amazing person is important and can be super helpful to your recovery, starting a brand new relationship freshly out of recovery is not a good idea. It is encouraged by many professionals to wait until you have a little more stability in your life before pursuing a new relationship with someone because relationship strains are one of the major triggers for people with addictions to relapse. However, keeping as many good friends around is great for your healing.

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