How to Create and Continue a Strong Relationship with your Children

Improving your relationship with your children is very important, especially when they may have been hurt before due to your addiction struggles. Going to therapy with and without your children is essential because you can work on your relationship together and separately to find out the sources of your problem. When recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction, you need to rebuild your children’s trust after they watched you deal with your addiction prior to coming to Casa Recovery. Being honest is super important, as well, because you want your children to know they can count on you again. Take certain self-care steps in order to improve your own well-being like going to rehab and keeping your own needs in mind so you can become the parent that you’ve always wanted to be. Take the time to show your children the unconditional love you may not have been able to give them when you were suffering from your addiction. Getting close to your children during and after recovery is a process, but it is well worth it in the end.

Connecting with your children can be hard in general, but when you throw in an addiction problem, it definitely makes life a little more difficult. Making a relationship work when you have an addiction adds an additional wrench in your progress. Come to Casa Recovery to recover from your drug or alcohol addiction. We know it is important to keep in touch with your children during and after rehab, which is why we offer family days during your treatment.

Handling a Relationship with your Child During Recovery

Your child wants you to become the best version of yourself, but watching you suffer from addiction makes it really hard. Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs there is, but and it takes some time to get it right. Be very patient because despite you making efforts to end your addiction, your children may need more time to forgive and forget. Find your children external help as well, whether that is therapy or meetings they can attend with you to see your improvements. Just making time for your kids is the most important aspect of parenting that goes to show how much you love and value them.

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