Relationships and Recovery

Relationships and Recovery

How to Build a Relationship During and After Recovery


We all need relationships for a happy and fulfilling life. The deep bonds between partners can provide extra emotional support to help if one is in recovery from addiction. Research shows that people are much more likely to achieve a long-term recovery if they feel they are fully supported, especially by their partner. Healthy relationships make us the best people we can be which is why it is very important to strengthen relationships after addiction treatment.

Healthy Relationships after Recovery

Substance abuse can cause significant damage to close personal relationships. Addiction is characterized by compulsive substance use the sufferer has no control over. Sometimes negative behaviors associated with addiction can appear to be deliberate to loved ones, leading to deepening problems in the relationship.


Recovery from substance abuse presents a unique opportunity to re-build relationships to be stronger than ever. In many respects both parties have to get to know each other all over again due to the extensive damage done by addiction. This re-learning process can be invaluable in re-setting boundaries and restoring clear lines of communication for a healthier relationship.


Involving partners in individual and group therapy sessions is an effective way of including them in your recovery. It also helps to bring about a better understanding of substance abuse for people who have been living with addicted partners. Understanding the complex illness of addiction is a vital part of a healthy recovery, particularly when shared between two committed partners.


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