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PTSD Treatment in Orange County
Finding Treatment for PTSD in Orange County, CA

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that affects hundreds of thousands of Americans every year. Commonly associated with Veterans, PTSD is an illness that develops when a person experiences an intensely traumatic event or set of circumstances. This can include such things as witnessing or being the victim of violent crime, sexual, physical or emotional abuse. PTSD is an illness that develops slowly and is not always evident in a person immediately after the trauma has been experienced.

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PTSD is very commonly linked with substance abuse, with sufferers turning to alcohol or drugs to self-medicate their illness. Because PTSD is a chronic condition, this means the person is likely to experience its effects for many years, often a lifetime. Unless the person seeks specialist mental health treatment for PTSD, their condition will deteriorate and worsen.


Treatment for PTSD is centered on finding the causes of the illness. Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT is an evidence-based approach to unraveling the root causes of mental illnesses like PTSD. In a CBT session, the therapist guides the client to the deepest recesses of their minds in order to identify problems relating to past events. By understanding the drivers of PTSD, it is possible to address them by adapting the way the person thinks and ultimately behaves.


Mental health treatment is designed to help people live with mental health conditions like PTSD. There is no cure for PTSD and it should never be suggested that is the case. It is however very possible to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life when armed with effective coping mechanisms learned in therapy. CASA Recovery develops personalized mental health treatment programs in Orange County to meet your unique needs to promote the best recovery outcomes.

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If you are struggling with any kind of mental health problem, CASA Recovery is here to help you. We use the most effective mental health treatments and therapies to find you a personalized route to recovery. To find out more about mental health treatment center in Orange County, contact us in confidence today.

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