Process of Detox

Process of Detox
Process of Detox

Detox can seem scary if you aren’t sure what to expect or have listened to other people’s stories. Overall, however, the process of detox is fairly straightforward. Detox generally requires constant monitoring of the patient’s vital signs, consultation with a doctor or qualified health care specialist, and properly prescribed medication to help ease withdrawal symptoms. The process of detox varies dependent on where you detox, but there are some overarching steps that are typically involved in each detox:

– An evaluation takes place- In this first step, it is vital to be honest with your doctor so you can get the proper care that you need. If you aren’t, it could lead to more discomfort than would be needed. This evaluation could include getting vital signs, a blood test, a urine test, and an overall medical history conversation.

– Getting you stabilized and ready for treatment- This is a step that is where you can begin to see life in recovery and treatment. This could include medication to assist with withdrawal symptoms, getting fixed onto the proper diet for your case, and getting through the uncomfortable symptoms of the beginning stages of detox.

– Transitioning into your treatment- The final process of detox is to transition into your treatment program here at Casa Recovery. From your previous information and for your goals, we can tailor your treatment program to individually adhere to what you are hoping to accomplish in recovery. Making this transition from detox to treatment as seamless as possible is our goal.

Let us here at Casa Recovery assist you in finding the best detox center for your recovery journey here in Southern California. Our team of capable, friendly, and reliant staff are available to answer any and all of your questions, and invite you for a consultation to get your process started. Contact us today for more information.

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