Problems Women Face in Recovery

Problems Women Face During Addiction Recovery

Understanding What Women Go Through During Recovery


Addiction to drugs or alcohol is an illness affecting both men and women. However, there are differences in how women deal with addiction and the problems they face in recovery. There are always several factors behind a person’s propensity to develop addiction and it is impossible to predict who will be affected. Here we take a look at the particular problems women face in their journey to addiction recovery.

Women’s Issues in Addiction Recovery

According to research, men are nearly twice as likely to develop addiction as women. However, women face more obstacles to getting help and also in maintaining long-term sobriety. Addiction can develop much faster in women and they are also exposed to a higher risk of medical or social consequences than their male counterparts.


Although more men struggle with addiction than women, women are much more likely to be suffering another mental illness at the same time such as depression or anxiety. This is because women generally start using drugs or alcohol for different reasons than men. Feelings of low-worth, abusive relationships, weight problems or anxiety are more likely to be reasons for a woman to struggle with substance abuse than for a man.


A woman’s physiological and biological differences also come into play in addiction recovery. Women are more likely to be caregivers and have childcare issues to deal with during recovery. In some cases, it can be a result of a difficult domestic home environment that women turn to substances in the first place. However, despite a woman’s more complex emotional and psychological needs in treatment, it is just as possible for her to achieve long-term sobriety as a man.


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