Parenting and Addiction Recovery

Parenting and Addiction Recovery

Understanding What a Parent Goes Through During Recovery


Research shows that around six million American children live in households where parents or guardians abuse alcohol or drugs. Many of these children are exposed to adults abusing substances on a regular basis, which can cause significant damage to a vulnerable mind. What these statistics really say however is that substance abuse is a very real problem for many parents in the US.

Successful Parenting During Recovery

For some parents struggling with substance abuse, they may feel there are too many barriers preventing them from getting the help they need. Some worry that the authorities may step in and remove children from care if they alert anyone to their spiral problem. It is vital to accept that addiction is a mental illness that can be treated and that the person concerned is not a bad mother or father. Everyone is susceptible to developing addiction to some degree as it is an illness that doesn’t discriminate.


Despite the extra challenges parents overcoming addiction face, treatment can very often heal severely damaged relationship with their children. Addiction doesn’t just affect the person with the illness but also those closest to them, particularly dependent children. Parenting can be difficult and stressful, even in a solid partnership with shared responsibilities. It is very possible to strike a healthy balance between substance abuse recovery and being a parent.


The main benefit of addiction treatment to parents is that it helps them re-establish family dynamics. It is very easy for a person struggling with drugs or alcohol to become isolated by their own problems. Naturally it is not easy for parents to explain to their children how they are feeling but children still pick up of negative energies in the home. As parents get better through rehabilitation, they are able to learn to be more self-aware in their relationships with their children and restore healthier communication as a result.


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