There is an epidemic of opioid abuse currently spreading America that has its origins in the physician’s office. More people than ever before are currently addicted to painkillers containing a synthetic version of heroin and rehab centers around the country are reporting rising numbers of admissions for opioid abuse. So where has this epidemic come from and how is it possible to become hooked on a prescription drug when they are considered “safe” to use? Here we take a closer look.

Information on Painkiller Addiction

As mentioned above, an opioid is a man-made version of the illegal drug heroin. The way it works to combat chronic pain is by flooding the brain with dopamine which gives the user a euphoric feeling. This effectively “distracts” the brain from any pain sensations elsewhere in the body. However, after using opioids for a while, tolerance to the drug’s effects can quickly develop. This means people find they need higher doses of their prescription meds to manage their pain.

Once tolerance has developed, physicians will be reluctant to increase the dose of a drug they know to be highly addictive. Unfortunately, this leaves many people struggling to cope with their pain, often resorting to obtaining medication from illegal sources or worse, seeking out heroin as an alternative. Heroin has the “attraction” of being cheap and very powerful for someone dependent on prescription painkillers but there are significant dangers attached to obtaining illegal drugs. Street heroin is manufactured in illegal labs and often mixed with other substances to increase profit margins for dealers.

Despite the apparent bleak outlook for someone prescribed opioid-based painkillers, there are several treatment resources available. Rehab for prescription drug abuse can provide people with other natural ways of managing their pain so that they no longer need to rely on medications for relief. Behavioral therapy is also an invaluable way of getting to the root of negative thought processes and behaviors driving addiction to painkiller and making positive changes. By shifting a person’s outlook from negative to positive within a rehab environment, the doors can be opened to a drug-free life in recovery.

Getting Help for Addiction to Painkillers in San Juan Capistrano, CA at CASA Recovery

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