If you are struggling with prescription painkillers and feel ready to reach out for help, Casa Recovery is here to help you overcome your addiction. We provide a tranquil, comfortable and sober environment that’s a home-away-from-home for people with addiction issues and can show you the path to a fulfilling life in recovery. Addiction to opioid-based prescription painkillers is a significant problem in America and there are around 15,000 rehab centers in the country like Casa Recovery in San Juan Capistrano, CA offering highly effective specialist treatment.

Why is Painkiller Addiction such a Problem in California?

The rising number of people with addiction to prescription painkillers is not exclusive to California and has become a national problem in the last few years. The issue has been clouded by the fact that people initially start their addiction journey with painkillers at the physician’s office. This means there is more “acceptance” of opioid-based painkiller use, which belies the dangers of these highly addictive drugs.

People prescribed opioids for chronic pain conditions are at risk of developing a tolerance to the drug so that they need higher doses to manage their symptoms. This makes them vulnerable to developing a physical dependence on prescription meds unless they seek treatment. Without specialist care, it is easy for a person attempting to manage pain to seek alternatives to painkillers, most commonly with the illegal “alternative” which is heroin.

Heroin acts in the same way as opioid-based painkillers by distracting the brain from all other sensations other than the euphoric feeling the drug creates. Users essentially become “numb”, which for a person with chronic pain symptoms can be enticing. Heroin is also much too cheap and easy to obtain illegally, making it more “attractive” to a person who has become dependent on prescribed meds. The fact is that heroin is manufactured in illegal and often dirty labs and mixed with other chemicals to dilute it to sell for more profit. People migrating from prescription drug use to heroin abuse dramatically increase their risk of fatal overdose.

Get Help for Painkiller Addiction in Southern California at Casa Recovery

When you are struggling with a painful condition and have lost control of your cravings for painkillers, it can be a lonely place. Many people fear bringing the subject out into the open for fear of being harshly judged. Casa Recovery offers a healing environment where you can learn to be free of your addiction and ready to embrace a healthier life in sobriety. Contact Casa Recovery today and take the first step towards being free of prescription painkillers.


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