Overcoming the Stigma on Mental Health Medication

The Stigma on Mental Health Medication

Overcoming the Stigma on Mental Health Medication


When we are sick, we go to the doctor and they prescribe something to help us get better. That’s a simple fact that we’re all aware of. However, when a person has a mental health condition, with no physical symptoms to treat, it is not so straightforward. The mystery surrounding medical treatment of mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, panic disorder and addiction has led to a stigma preventing people from seeking the help they need. Here we take a closer look at some of the myths surrounding medication for mental health treatment:

Myth #1: It’s the easy way out.

There is no easy way of recovering from a mental health condition. This is because they are relapsing illnesses that people have to manage for many years in recovery, sometimes a lifetime. There is no medical “cure” for mental illnesses and so prescribed medications should not be perceived as the easy option.

Myth #2: It’s different than taking medication for a physical illness.

The brain is just another part of the body although it works invisibly behind the scenes. When a person has a mental illness, their brain is not functioning in a healthy way. As with your heart, liver or kidneys, your brain can be treated to restore normal healthy function in just the same way as for a physical condition.

Myth #3: When you’re having a bad day, it always means you “forgot to take your medication.”

This attitude can be very detrimental to someone with a mental health condition. Even when taking prescribed medications according to your physician’s instructions won’t eradicate the bad days. It’s important not to have an expectation that medications will be the solution to your problems.

Myth #4: Medication changes your identity.

It is not uncommon for people to think that meds for mental health can change someone’s personality. In fact, they relieve symptoms of mental health disorders so that people can feel like themselves again.

Myth #5: When you start taking medication, your recovery “work” is done.

Having a high expectation of the benefits of mental health medications is dangerous as it makes it easy to believe there is no more work required. Just taking pills is not going to eliminate depression or anxiety but they will help to provide balance so that a person can overcome the illness in time.

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