There can be uncertainty over whether to join a recovery program in-state or out-of-state and there are several factors to consider when making a decision. Addiction is a very sensitive issue, very often with stigma attached and finding the appropriate place for treatment is of paramount importance to successful recovery. Although in many cases, financial considerations are foremost when choosing your rehab options, traveling to an out-of-state facility needn’t be more expensive and may be more appropriate for your needs and so ultimately, your health is your first priority.

Should I Stay Home or Should I Go Further?

Choosing to recover in an out-of-state facility can be beneficial in a number of ways:

• In order for recovery to be effective it is best to completely escape from people and places associated with your alcohol or drug use. You may find it far easier to start afresh if you remove yourself as far as possible from the triggers and situations which have enabled your addiction. Physical distance from dealers and stores can help you leave that world behind and start afresh, focussing on a new beginning.

• Rehab is a personal and private matter. Depending on your situation or occupation you probably wish to keep your alcohol or substance dependence as quiet as possible. Partaking in a recovery program at an in-state facility may place you under a burden of fear that your anonymity could be compromised by sheer coincidence of location. By moving out-of-state, there is one less thing to worry about and you can focus on the goal of rehab. The worry of discovery in a local facility may be distracting and detrimental to your progress.

• Moving out of your home area and to Orange County for your rehab gives you more opportunities for success. The out-of-state distance from the home environment and other familiar territory can prevent a client from just walking out when the path to sobriety seems tough, as it can be in early stages of detox and rehab. The temptation to give up is decreased and there is less chance of outside help from former associates. The distance factor has been proven to help a client stay engaged in the process.

• Sometimes people in recovery focus more on loved ones than themselves and this can be detrimental in the short term so out-of-state rehab can prove advantageous. In a few cases it can be helpful to have loved ones nearby but it is generally more beneficial for a person to put all their energy and focus into their own recovery. In the later stages of rehab it is possible to integrate loved ones into the process and Skype and other means of communication can facilitate this without physical presence being necessary.

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