Head Down the Native American Track To Recovery from Addiction

Drug and alcohol problems often have consequences which go beyond the individual and their families and friends, reaching far into the community and further. Equally, the causes of drug and alcohol abuse can be traced back to the deep, almost unconscious hurt felt by a person, a family and a people. The treatment of any addiction must take into account the history and culture of the client and incorporate these teachings, beliefs and practices into any program designed for their wellbeing and recovery.

Healing and Tradition Combine for Effective Addiction Treatment

Among native peoples there is a tradition of healing and purification. Metaphors, symbols, rituals, traditional skills and stories are powerful tools used by many generations. Use of such tools in treating addiction can be very helpful to those who may feel particularly cut off from a tribal identity, language and ceremonies. People with addiction issues from all backgrounds will have experienced feelings of isolation and there are other similarities and parallel paths on the road to recovery.

The Red Road Track to recovery at Casa Recovery in San Juan Capistrano, CA incorporates a 12 step program with a spiritual emphasis. In combination with the Drum Circle ,a therapeutic program that helps you tap into your inner creativity and spirituality, certified Native American counselors provide a highly effective program which is culture- specific. The symbolic circle evoking the Medicine Wheel journey is indicative of the quest for hope, wellness and improved quality of life which underlies the many practices of Native peoples.

Following a specialized treatment program will help you become more in tune with yourself and your culture. Many people with substance problems feel lost and hurt, often feeling alone and estranged from the culture around them.

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Follow the Native American recovery track in a supportive environment. As part of your alcohol rehab in Orange County we provide workshops where you can explore cultural activities and apply traditional skills. You can never underestimate the healing power of recovery through cultural re-connection. During drug rehab in Orange County you will find understanding and healing, you will master your own renewal and return to physical, psychological, relational and spiritual health. Contact us now to speak with one of our addiction counselors in complete confidence and begin the journey to your recovery.


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