One of the counseling approaches used in addiction treatment is motivational interviewing. This is a method designed to remove an individual’s insecurities so that they are motivated to change their behavior. The therapy recognizes the connection between emotions, thoughts, and feelings with the actions and behavior of a person. Someone who has addiction illness is likely to have become driven to abuse alcohol or drugs by an overwhelming compulsion they have no control over. Motivational interviewing helps people overcome their initial feelings about negative situations and circumstances so that they can respond in healthier ways in recovery.

Motivational Therapy in Treatment of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

One of the most important aspects of motivational interviewing is that it opens the doors for self-exploration. When a person has become addicted to alcohol or drugs, they have lost all control over their cravings for substances. Motivational interviewing enables individuals to take back control of their actions by better understanding the thought processes that provoke them. Research shows that motivational interviewing is highly effective in assisting people to navigate the emotional changes they need to make for a healthy life in sobriety.

Motivational interviewing is a discussion-based therapy which allows for two-way communication in an open and honest environment. It is particularly useful for addicts who have become withdrawn and isolated from loved ones as a consequence of their substance abuse. Having a non-judgmental platform from which to explore the roots of addictive behavior is enormously valuable in promoting long-term recovery. Motivational interviewing is particularly helpful in cases where individuals are exhibiting anger or hostility at having to confront their substance abuse.

What to Expect from Motivational Interviewing

A motivational interviewer encourages the person to talk about the changes they feel they need to make in order to achieve sobriety. Through the discussion process, the individual is able to identify the reasons they seek to change and how they can go about it by making changes in the way they behave. Motivational interviewing shows individuals how a more positive state of mind attracts better outcomes, which is something they can put into practice in recovery. Motivational interviewing delivers significant benefits in an addiction treatment setting and often reveals strengths individuals were previously unaware of.

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