Middle-Aged Adults and Mental Illness

Middle-Aged Adults and Mental Illness
Middle-Aged Adults and Mental Illness


Mental illness can strike a person at whatever age they are, and every individual has their own personal experience. When people are getting older, they often get a sense of being disconnected from the world around them and fears about growing old become more intense. At this phase of a person’s life, it is not uncommon to develop a mental illness such as depression or anxiety.


Helping Middle-Aged Adults with Mental Illness Treatment


At whatever age a person is when they develop a mental illness, there is a treatment path available to them. Mental illnesses often last for many years and it is a case of learning how to cope with the factors triggering the condition in the person’s everyday life. It is also essential to find the root causes of depression or anxiety in order to address them in treatment to allow for a full recovery in time.


When people get old, their roles in life often change beyond recognition. They start to wind down their careers as they approach retirement until ultimately, they have no professional responsibilities at all. Financial pressures can increase in the years before retirement as people make sure they have the funds to afford a reasonable lifestyle once they stop work. Married couples who have co-existed as working individuals are thrown together into spending all of their time together. There are many sources for depression developing as a person goes through middle-age.


Treatment for mental illness at Casa Recovery in Southern California is focused on the individual’s unique set of circumstances. Every client entering our facility is thoroughly assessed and evaluated so as to determine the best treatment approach towards their specific mental health issues. Because mental illness takes a while to develop, it also takes some time to heal. Casa Recovery offers a personalized route to recovery that allows people to cope with their illness within the context of their daily lives.


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If you or a loved one is struggling with symptoms of a mental illness, we here at Casa Recovery to help. Our specialist facility offers personalized treatment programs for all types of mental health conditions including panic disorder, PTSD, depression, anxiety, etc. Contact us in confidence to arrange a consultation today.


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