Middle-Aged Adults and Drug Addiction

Middle-Aged Adults and Drug Addiction
Drug Addiction in Middle-Aged Adults


Middle-age can be a very difficult time for people as they come to terms with getting older. As retirement approaches, many people wonder what their role will be within their family and wider community when they are no longer involved in the workplace. It is not unusual for people to suffer from some kind of personal dilemma, which we all too often ‘jokingly’ refer to as a mid-life crisis. However, beneath this lighthearted turn of phrase some people in middle-age turn to drugs as a way of coping.


Helping Middle-Aged Adults with Drug Addiction

The best way of helping a middle-aged person who is dealing with substance abuse is by opening a dialogue on their issues. This can be between family members or involving a therapist but it is most importantly to let the person dealing with substance abuse know they are not alone. The majority of rehab programs have a big component of individual and group therapy which is designed to help people unravel their addiction issues and gain a better understanding of them.


Treatment for drug addiction involves getting to the bottom of why a person started using drugs in the first place. One of the characteristics of addiction is that the person will continue to abuse drugs even though their lives are negatively affected. Because this aspect of addiction marks the time a person no longer controls their drug use, it is vital to get to the original reasons they started in order to help them get better.


The most effective types of therapy used in rehab involve discussion. However, mindfulness practices such as meditation are increasingly being incorporated into rehab programs for its benefits in a rehab context. Mindfulness provides people with a route to self-discovery through contemplation and relaxation and is widely used in holistic rehab with great effect. Holistic practices are easy to incorporate into daily life and so these therapies continue to support people in their sobriety.


Casa Recovery: Combating Drug Addiction in Middle-Aged Adults in Southern California

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