Methamphetamine abuse has increased significantly since the 1990s and is now the second most abused substance after cannabis. Meth is classified as a stimulant that works by making changes to the brain’s chemistry to produce a euphoric effect. If a person abuses meth over time, the alterations to their brain’s chemistry lead to an addiction to the substance developing. After a short while of abusing meth, people become tolerant to the drug’s effects which leads to them using more and ultimately, not being able to stop.

Las Vegas Meth Abuse on the Rise

Methamphetamine is also referred to as meth, crystal, chalk or ice and is a highly-addictive stimulant which is smoked, snorted, taken orally or injected. One of the biggest risks presented by meth is the fact that it is manufactured in illegal labs and often mixed with other substances to increase dealers’ profits. Whereas other drugs like cocaine are fast-acting and the high is short-lived, meth produces effects that can last for more than 12 hours.

Meth affects a person in various different ways depending on how they take the drug. The initial times of use generally produce a feeling of supreme confidence, with increased energy levels and decreased appetite. Over a period of time, the loss of appetite associated with the drug can lead to malnourishment which can result in serious health issues. The impact of meth on the brain’s chemistry also carries a very high risk of causing long-term and sometimes permanent damage.

When someone continues to use meth, they develop a tolerance to its effects which makes them want more of the drug. The body starts to exhibit withdrawal symptoms as it craves stimulus from meth which are unpleasant and often leads to the person using to alleviate them. This negative cycle of abuse and withdrawal leads to addiction if left untreated.

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