Life Stages and Mental Illness

Life Stages and Mental Illness
Life Stages and Mental Illness


Mental Illness can be the silent partner that follows you through every aspect of your life. Even when no one else can hear or see it, you can. And it’s not something you can just wait out and hope to get better with time. Read on for more information on mental illness in major life stages, and how Casa Recovery is well-equipped to help.


Treating Mental Illness through All Life Stages


Going to college is regarded as a major life accomplishment, but the stress that university life brings can trigger or exacerbate mental illness. Can mental illness in a college student lead to ongoing negative consequences later in life?


There hasn’t been enough publicity about the prevalence of mental illness in our country, but it’s a somber reality for the young professional who suddenly has to deal with all the financial responsibilities and challenges of the working world. Will mental illness make it almost impossible to get out of bed in the morning to go to work?


When you reach middle age, you might start feeling restless as you begin to deal with the realities of aging and mortality. You’re halfway through life, and you may be struggling trying to find your sense of purpose.


When you think of seniors, you probably picture them on a Hawaiian cruise enjoying their retirement. But it’s hard to enjoy the sunset over the ocean when over 20% of adults aged 60 and over suffer from a mental disorder.


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