Hydrocodone Addiction Rehab

Hydrocodone Addiction Rehab in Orange County

Hydrocodone is classified under the Opioid class of drugs, and is meant to relieve pain by inhibiting opiate receptors in the Central Nervous System. It has many street names and prescription configurations, but the main ones of note are Vicodin and Norco. Hydrocodone is highly addictive and prescribed at a very high rate to handle severe pain management. However, because it is extremely addictive, it has led to a high abuse rate, and is the main reason that cutting addiction to this drug is very important.

Behavior Symptoms
  • Drowsiness
  • Withdrawing from your “normal” activities
  • “Doctor shopping”

Physical Symptoms
  • Pupil constriction
  • Rash
  • Nausea

Psychological Symptoms
  • Dependence
  • Difficulty processing
  • Erratic behavior

Medical Effects of Long-Term Hydrocodone Abuse

There are many ways that abuse of hydrocodone affects you in the long run. For starters, it could lead to shallow breathing which can then lead to respiratory failure. You could also get liver disease which could turn into liver failure, and that is not reversible and can only be dealt with through a transplant. The most serious effects of hydrocodone could be coma, which could lead to eventual death. Long-term use of this drug when not prescribed is something you can cut off through detox and recovery.

Withdrawal Symptoms from Hydrocodone

Withdrawal symptoms from Hydrocodone are pretty quick to onset once you aren’t taking the drug for even 6-10 hours. In the most severe cases they could last through 2 weeks, however more often they peak at 48-72 hours. Some of the symptoms include diarrhea, intense sweating, chills, agitation, irritability, and more. Closely monitoring withdrawal in a controlled setting is extremely important due to the fact that the withdrawal is dependent upon length of abuse and how much hydrocodone was actually used.

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