How to Manage Your Mental Health This Thanksgiving

For most of us the holidays are the best time of year but not everyone looks forward to the festive season. Some people dread the whole experience, particularly if they are coping with a mental health condition. It is generally a time of year when family and togetherness come into focus which can leave many feeling isolated and alone. As we head into the holidays, we take a look at how you can cope with the season if you are also dealing with mental illness.

Coping with Thanksgiving Stress

The first and most important thing is to be aware that you are certainly not alone in feeling stressed before the holidays. Nearly all of us experience a degree of stress over the season which of course kicks off with Thanksgiving. Difficult or strained family relationships seem somehow highlighted during the holidays and any confrontations have the potential to trigger problems for someone with a mental illness.

One of the best steps to take before the holidays is to let your loved ones and friends know of your struggles. It is much easier to cope with mental illness when you are supported by those close to you, even more so during the holidays. Making it known what situations and circumstances make you feel uncomfortable by talking discretely with the host is a good idea. This will allow you to remove yourself from the occasion without explanation if you struggle to cope with any issues that arise.

It is vital to take the time to process any difficult thoughts or feelings, especially when they are triggered at a social function. Removing yourself from the situation gives you the chance to process what is happening and also your responses to events. Only if and when you feel completely relaxed again should you return to the festivities. Others may consider this behavior to be unsocial but you have to put your mental health first in all situations.

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