How to Handle Relationships while in Rehab

At Casa Recovery, we know that making amends and continuing relationships while in rehab can be difficult. It is important to remember not to be ashamed of what you are doing to improve and take care of yourself. You will be dealing with a lot while recovering, so let us help you out with some tips to maintain and strengthen new and existing relationships while in rehab. Casa Recovery offers several levels of care for both drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Each level of care ensures you will get the best addiction recovery program in Orange County, CA. Click on the links below to explore how to handle different types of relationships.

Handle Different Relationships with Care

Handling a relationship with a spouse can be difficult on its own without the strain of an addiction and recovery. Adding addiction into the mix of a union such as marriage throws a wrench in what was the perceived plan for your lives. But there is hope repairing that relationship, should both parties put in the work to regain the trust that was once lost.

No matter how old your children are, they take addiction very hard and maintaining and repairing relationships with your kids can be tough. They didn’t ask to become the parent in caring for you, but in many addiction cases, we see kids taking on the role as the responsible party to keep the addicted parent alive and functioning. Reconciliation is possible with proper care and support.

Holding on to positive relationships with friends influences is important while in rehab and recovery. Friends that build you up rather than tear you down, friends that move towards your greater good rather htan pull you into the pit, and friends that want to see you do well and thrive are the ones worth holding onto. Even if you’ve burned a few bridges, they can be rebuilt.

The world doesn’t stop for anyone, and once you finish rehab and your recovery, you will go back to work and continue on with your life. Keeping up the relationship with work colleagues and friendly coworkers is important, even while in rehab. Disclosing only what you feel comfortable disclosing is key, and there are helpful ways to integrate successfully back into the life you previously had, without addiction present.


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