How to Go Back To School after Recovery

How to Go Back To School after Recovery

Continuing Your Education after Recovery


Returning to school after attending rehab is challenging for many people in recovery. This is mainly because they need help to plan, develop relapse prevention tools and also to establish the goals they want to reach out for. Attending higher education brings with it a degree of stress that has the potential to trigger substance abuse but that is not to say success isn’t possible. If you are determined to return to studies after rehab, then you have the motivation. All you need now is a plan.

Succeeding in School after Recovery

Here are some tips to help you make plans for your bright future through education:


STEP 1: Understand What Your Education Goals and Needs Are


You have to know which direction you want to travel in when you enter into higher education. Otherwise you won’t have a sense of purpose in your studies as they won’t really be relevant to who you are. It’s a good idea to find courses that appeal to your passionate interests but first you need to know what it is you want to achieve in the long run.


STEP 2: Evaluate if You’re Ready to Go Back to School


Once you have decided your education goals, you can then evaluate whether you are ready to pursue them. Some people feel over-confident when they first complete treatment and feel highly motivated to achieve everything they didn’t while addicted. However, this isn’t a healthy mindset because you may be setting an unrealistic expectation and if you don’t reach it, your sobriety could be threatened.


STEP 3: Research the Right College/University for You


Where you choose to study is just as important as what you decide to focus on when you get there. Take time to find the right college or university, making visits when you can to those you have shortlisted to get a better feel of the place. You want to feel completely comfortable in your environment when you return to your studies after addiction treatment. Remember, achievement isn’t a race, it’s a personal journey so don’t be too harsh on yourself with your expectations.


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