How to Get the Most Out of Group Therapy

How to Get the Most Out of Group Therapy

Getting the Most Benefits Out of Group Therapy


Group therapy is an invaluable aspect of addiction recovery, often continuing to offer support for many years after completing a treatment program. Many people who have struggled with drugs and/or alcohol become withdrawn from loved ones and friends as their illness deepens. Group therapy provides an effective platform from which recovering addicts can communicate with others in similar situations.

The Benefits of Group Therapy during Recovery

The benefits of group therapy are significant but it requires a certain degree of effort on all participants. By ensuring you do the following, you will get the most out of your group therapy sessions:


Be Open: It is vital that you are open and willing to participate in group therapy. At first you may not feel inclined to open up as you get to know others in the group and that is fine. However, after time you should feel comfortable and at ease enough to get involved in group discussions with full openness and honesty. Much of this is to do with accepting that it is ok to be vulnerable in the company of others.


Give Feedback: Group therapy is a multi-way process, with everyone in the group sharing their experiences with each other. Being direct and honest in your responses is important, even if others disagree. In many respects, group therapy offers the opportunity to challenge some misconceptions about addiction through discussion with others at various stages of recovery.


Learn to accept feedback: By the same token, it is important to be able to accept feedback from others. Everyone in group therapy has made themselves vulnerable to the others in the room and harsh truths are difficult to digest. By understanding that others are entitled to respond to the things you say and do is a good exercise in becoming more accountable in recovery.

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