How Negative Thoughts Can Affect Your Sobriety

Negative Thoughts and Your Sobriety

Understanding the Effects of Negative Thoughts During Rehab


Addiction is an extremely complex and challenging illness that affects people in different ways. However, the underlying characteristic all people struggling with substance abuse shares is a negative mindset. It can sometimes be the result of negativity that a person turns to substances in the first place. Conversely, the way alcohol and drugs affect the brain over time, invariably leads to some other type of mental illness like depression or anxiety. In essence, addiction is all about negativity.

Recognizing Negative Thought Patterns

The main problem for people overcoming addiction is recognizing the thought processes that lead to them abusing substances. This requires a degree of mental clarity that people just don’t have after using drugs or alcohol for a prolonged period of time. One of the main characteristics of addiction is that people continue to use even though it is having a hugely damaging effect on their lives and those close to them.


This behavior isn’t voluntary. It is driven by the compulsive aspects of addiction and beyond the control of the individual. The way substances act on the brain means that they deliver a temporary euphoria by flooding the brain with dopamine, which their bodies eventually crave. These cravings manifest as unpleasant withdrawal symptoms which can only be relieved by further substance use. This negative cycle has to be broken for a person to achieve recovery, which can be done by learning how to think more positively.


Of course, just becoming a more positive person is not something that is easy to achieve, particularly for recovering addicts. In therapy, patients are helped to identify the thoughts and feelings that lead to them using alcohol or drugs. They will then be able to re-learn the way they think with the therapist’s help and also the way they respond to negative situations. A healthy recovery is all about making positive changes, which is a challenging process made much easier with professional therapeutic assistance.

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