How a particular drug affects your body will depend on several factors, including your age, build, gender, the general state of physical and mental health, the potency of the substance, as well as the body’s familiarity with it. There is a difference between controlled and illicit drugs- illicit drugs may be manufactured in such a way that it is impossible to know the potency and this has obvious dangerous consequences for you. Do you really know what you are taking?

What are the Physical Effects of Drugs on your Body?

Within the range of drugs which can be abused that can result in dependency, there are a wide variety of unhealthy side effects:

– Stimulants such as methamphetamine and cocaine can increase your heart rate and this, over time can cause permanent damage and induce high blood pressure.

– Inhaling drugs in any form can lead to respiratory problems and lung disease.

– The abuse of some drugs can suppress your appetite and result in malnutrition and severe weight loss.

– Inhaling drugs via the nose can cause nasal problems including irritation of your nasal lining and perforation of your nasal septum.

– Using drugs intravenously exposes you to blood-borne disease such as hepatitis and HIV as well as infection.

– Certain opiates can, in the short term, induce nausea, vomiting and itching and long-term gastro/intestinal conditions related to severe constipation.

– Psychoactive drugs by their nature affect the chemistry of your brain. Use of MDMA and ecstasy, for example, can result in memory impairment, imbalance of hormone production, serotonin malfunction, and severely affect your brain functioning in general.

The Relationship between Drugs and your Body

Over time your body can become used to a substance and you may require increased quantities of it in order to achieve the desired effect. Physical dependence can develop and if you don’t consume the substance there can be unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. This is when drug use can turn into drug addiction. You are compelled to continue using a substance even though the consequences are negative, just to relieve the unpleasantness of not using. As the amount of a drug needed increases, it is far more likely that you will overdose as your body is exposed to toxic levels of a drug.

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