How Alcohol Affects Your Job


Alcohol can be used to help you relax after a hard day at work or at the end of a tough week. It can be part of the working day; depending on your job you may go for a ‘working lunch’ where drinking alcohol with a meal becomes part of the protocol. However, it is very easy for alcohol misuse to creep up on you; one drink becomes two and then a few more and then a swift drink the following day as soon as possible to make you feel ‘normal’. It is fair to say that alcohol has a negative effect on jobs.

How Alcohol Negatively Affects Your Job

Alcohol misuse has a negative effect on the productivity and prospects of the working population. Binge drinking; drinking 5 or more alcoholic beverages on one occasion; has become more common and arriving at work hungover and still potentially with large amounts of alcohol in your bloodstream won’t be good for your performance, if you make it in at all! It is a sign that alcohol has become a problem when it impacts on your working life. About 20% of workers and managers across a wide range of industries and companies said a coworker’s on- or off-the-job drinking threatened their productivity and safety. Research also indicates that alcohol was a factor in at least 11% of all workplace-related deaths.

You don’t have to binge drink for alcohol to have a negative effect. Not feeling on form in the workplace can affect your ability to get on well with co workers, may cause you to make errors and you may find yourself unable to perform the tasks assigned to you. Alcohol abuse is one of the top reasons why employees get fired. Your physical health will suffer because of long-term alcohol abuse. Although widely available and generally socially accepted, alcohol is a highly addictive psychoactive substance. It is quite easy to slip into uncontrolled drinking behavior and once you are addicted, it will become your focus and the main priority in your life.

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