Overdrinking, alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction can seriously damage your body in a variety of ways and physical deterioration from alcohol abuse can be dramatic, reducing the body’s ability to ward off illnesses, increasing the risk of life-threatening diseases such as cancer, causing heart problems and liver disease.

What does Alcohol do to your Body?

Drinking an excess of alcohol can cause your pancreas to abnormally release digestive enzymes which build up, eventually causing inflammation and bringing serious health problems, including hormonal and digestive disruption. The pancreas is involved in dealing with your body’s sugar levels and produces insulin. Diabetes can become a complication of alcohol abuse and if you suffer from diabetes you must be especially careful about alcohol consumption. Long-term over-consumption of alcohol causes a build-up of waste toxins in your body as the liver struggles to its job of breaking down and removing harmful stuff from your system. The liver becomes inflamed and scarring, known as cirrhosis, can damage your liver.

How Bad can it get? Alcohol and your Body

Your heart and circulatory system will suffer if alcohol is consumed in large quantity over time. Common problems are an enlarged heart, irregular heartbeat, stroke and high blood pressure. Your digestive system struggles to do its job properly. Alcohol consumed in excess can cause gas, painful ulcers, and possible damage to the intestines. If your body is unable to absorb and digest properly it can become malnourished and with that comes inevitable ill health. Inefficient blood circulation can cause sexual dysfunction; infertility is a possibility; muscle cramps and numbness can be experienced and thinning of bones due to lack of absorption of calcium is common.

When you are addicted to alcohol, your body has become dependent on it. The quantity you consume may increase in order to gain the desired effect as you will have developed a tolerance. Unpleasant feelings can occur if you suddenly stop drinking. These include trembling, nausea, sweating and in severe cases racing heart and high blood pressure. You will drink to temporarily relieve this discomfort but the truth is you are still harming yourself. This is why it is sometimes very difficult to quit drinking even though you want to.

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