More and more people with addiction illness are seeking out alternative or holistic therapies for treatment. Although there is not a great deal of solid research to provide evidence of the efficacy of holistic addiction treatments, the results achieved by patients in rehab are undeniable. The main reason holistic therapies are considered so effective for addiction is that they treat the person as a whole in terms of mind, body, and spirit. This varies from conventional medicine which only addresses the physical symptoms of the illness.

How Guided Meditation Helps Overcome Addiction

One holistic practice that has been shown to improve the chances of successful recovery from addiction is guided meditation. One of the main characteristics of addiction is that the individual is compelled to use substances rather than choosing to. This means that addicted individuals have effectively lost control over their cravings for drugs or alcohol. At this point, the person is likely to have developed addiction illness.

The holistic approach to treatment seeks to identify the negative responses and reactions that drive addictive behavior and alter them. For example, a person who uses alcohol or drugs to help them de-stress may find benefit from meditation as a method of relaxing without the need for substances. Additionally, people with addiction are often subject to continual negative internal dialogue which meditation goes a long way to silence.

Although meditation in itself is a well-known practice, it is actually quite hard to achieve a meditative state. This is why a trained therapist initially guides patients through meditation practices to help them achieve a degree of relaxed serenity on their own. The therapist will guide participants to isolate each part of their body and focus on deep-breathing in order to show them how they can dramatically improve their wellbeing.

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At Casa Recovery, we have seen the benefits of the holistic approach to addiction treatment in many of our patients. Holistic therapies place the individual in central focus so that they can find their own personal route to long-term sobriety. Find out more about guided meditation in addiction recovery by contacting Casa Recovery for addiction treatment in San Juan Capistrano, CA today.


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