Holistic Treatment in Recovery: Drum Therapy

Holistic Treatment in Recovery: Drum Therapy

Holistic Treatment in Recovery: Drum Therapy

A holistic rehab approach to drug addiction is useful for making the rehabilitation and recovery process much more rewarding and less uncomfortable. An increasingly popular therapy that’s used in a holistic approach to alcohol addiction is drumming, which is a therapy that usually takes place within a gathered circle, where addicts can connect with each other and develop deep bonds that will be useful in sobriety.


What is Drum Therapy?

It is an ancient healing method that is all about self-expression and has been used for thousands of years as a way to strengthen and maintain spiritual, mental and physical health. Research has shown that drumming has a therapeutic effect and boosts the immune system by producing feelings of well-being. Drum therapy can encourage addicts to release internalized traumas and help them to relax and feel more connected with their environment.


How does it Work in Addiction Treatment?

A specialist therapist will guide the drum therapy by inviting participants to sit in a circle and drum freestyle along to different types of music, from jazz to rhythm and blues to rock. Each genre of music elicits different rhythms from those in the circle and they are encouraged to sing and clap along to the beat of the music as well as bash the drums with their hands or sticks. Getting into a natural rhythm can allow someone to achieve an almost meditative state which is very beneficial while in addiction treatment.


What Are The Benefits of Drum Therapy?

There are several benefits and advantages of drum therapy including:

  • It helps reduce stress, tension and anxiety
  • Relieves chronic pain
  • Boosts natural immunity
  • Promotes deeper awareness
  • Encourages engagement and connectedness with others
  • Provides an outlet for negative feelings and emotions

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