Holistic Treatment in Recovery: Beach and Nature Activities

Holistic Treatment in Recovery: Beach and Nature Activities

Holistic Treatment in Recovery: Beach and Nature Activities

Although there is no hard and fast explanation, it is considered a fact that there is healing power in nature. There’s certainly no disputing the uplifting feeling you get after a bracing walk or a stroll along sandy beaches and so perhaps it’s not surprising that beach and nature activities are fast-becoming a fixture in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. People who are seeking respite from their struggles with drugs or alcohol can find a true sense of themselves through engaging with nature, which also increases their awareness of their place within the environment around them. Here are four ways in which beach and nature activities help in the addiction recovery process:


Nature Brings Renewal

One of the most fascinating and beautiful aspects of nature is its ability to renew itself. Each year, when spring arrives we see new growth sprouting from seemingly dead roots and no matter how much of the land has been devastated by flood or fire, nature has a way of restoring itself and finding a way to grow even against the odds. Witnessing this renewal allows someone in addiction treatment to begin to view their lives in the same way and develop more positive attitudes about the future. The way nature adapts to its environment and continues to grow offers a valuable lesson to someone trying to turn their lives around after addiction.


Nature Speaks to the Soul

The holistic rehab approach to alcohol addiction includes an element of nature activities that are particularly important when people enter rehab and they are in a bad way emotionally, mentally and physically. The environment addicts engage with is as important to successful treatment as the various medical and holistic therapies available, and also why beach and nature activities in rehab are so effective. Climbing a mountain, looking out into the ocean or camping out under the night sky are all activities that remind us of how small we are in the greater scheme of things. These kind of activities also encourage self-discovery and meditation, with many people feeling almost compelled to do some soul-searching in the presence of a breathtaking landscape.


Physical Recovery in Nature

Whether it’s at the beach or in the mountains, you can have fun enjoying natural environments with a wide range of activities like hiking, biking, rafting and even parasailing which all serve their purpose in addiction recovery. Increasing outdoor activities means that you are getting more exercise in a really enjoyable way, which is very beneficial in addiction treatment. Improving fitness while taking in some gorgeous landscapes can provide a very positive mind-shift, particularly if someone has been struggling with addiction issues for some time.


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These days our understanding of alcohol and drug addiction is much better and as a result, there are more traditional and complementary treatments and therapies available than ever before. We specialize in alcohol and drug rehab in Orange County and provide a wide range of treatments for the most effective rehabilitation from addiction. Beach and nature activities are an important part of what we offer people seeking alcohol and drug rehabilitation in Southern California, because of the many proven benefits this form of treatment has. For more information about drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Southern California, contact Casa Recovery in San Juan Capistrano, CA in confidence.


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