Heroin abuse is an increasing problem in Seattle that extends across America and beyond. Around 60,000 people die from opiate or heroin overdose every year and the issue has reached an epidemic level. The reason for the spike in heroin addiction we’ve witnessed in recent years is that more people are becoming addicted to opiate-based prescription medications than ever before. Many people are now falling into opioid or heroin abuse having started their journey in the physician’s office.

Seattle Heroin Abuse on the Rise

Heroin and medications that are based on the drug are extremely addictive, even when taken by prescription. This is because they have a powerful effect on the brain’s chemistry that creates imbalances in a person’s emotional, physical, and psychological state. People are increasingly turning to heroin as an alternative to prescription painkillers when they are unable to get higher doses from their physician. Heroin is very widely and cheaply available making it an attractive option for a person whose body is craving the drug, which often happens when tolerance develops after regular use.

Tolerance means that the body has become used to getting stimulus from heroin or a painkiller making it crave more. One of the main characteristics of addiction is that the person continues to use heroin even when their lives are falling apart. This is because they no longer have a desire to use but a compulsion to do so that they are unable to control. When a person starts to crave heroin, they experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms as their bodies tell them to use more of the drug.

Despite the very strong grip heroin can have on a person, it is very possible to treat them effectively. Rehab centers like Casa Recovery offer various different treatment paths that allow a person to overcome their illness for a fulfilling life in sobriety. The most challenging step is accepting there is a problem but once it is taken, you will get full support through rehab and into recovery.

Casa Recovery Treats Addiction in San Juan Capistrano, CA

If you have any concerns about heroin or feel that a loved one may be struggling to overcome addiction, Casa Recovery can help you. We offer a personalized approach to drug addiction treatment that ensures the best chances of long-term recovery. Take the first step towards being free from substances and contact Casa Recovery in Orange County in confidence today.


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