Heroin abuse is a significant problem in America and yet many people are still unaware of the risks. The number of people dependent on or addicted to the drug is rising every year, largely driven by a sharp rise in prescription drug abuse. The epidemic of heroin-related deaths in the US has become magnified by the sheer volume of people turning to the drug after using opioid-based painkillers which work in the same way. The most worrying fact about heroin is that it is equally possible for a person to take a fatal overdose when they use the drug for the first time as it is after prolonged abuse. This is especially prevalent in San Francisco, where the epidemic has skyrocketed.

San Francisco Heroin Abuse on the Rise

Although the number of people abusing heroin is increasing every year, there are numerous treatment approaches available. The main objective of heroin rehab is to prepare the individual for recovery so that they are armed with sufficient coping mechanisms to protect their sobriety going forward. There are several different approaches and Casa Recovery offers specialist drug abuse rehab that uses both medical and holistic treatments in combination. Research shows that when discussion and evidence-based therapies are combined with holistic treatments in heroin rehab, the chances of long-term recovery are significantly improved.

In terms of treating heroin dependence and addiction, it is very important to identify and address the root causes. This is generally done through specialist behavioral therapy sessions, where patients are guided to self-explore their thoughts, feelings and emotions about substance abuse. Many people with addiction issues started using heroin in response to a traumatic event, which needs to be healed in order for them to be substance-free.

Supervised medical detox is always recommended for people with heroin addiction, as some of the withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening. The severity of withdrawal depends on how long the person has been using heroin, how much of the drug they have taken and whether they have a co-existing mental health condition. Casa Recovery provides 24-hour supervision through medical detox from heroin to ensure patients are able to rid themselves from the chemical influences of the drug without too much discomfort.

Casa Recovery Treats Addiction to Heroin in San Juan Capistrano, CA

If you are concerned about a loved one or feel that you may need help for substance abuse, reach out to Casa Recovery. We offer you a personalized path to recovery that is based on your unique needs and requirements. Getting to the heart of addiction issues provides you with a valuable opportunity for self-exploration during which you will learn a lot about yourself. We support you as you take your new understanding of yourself into a fulfilling life in recovery, empowering you to maintain sobriety for the long-haul. Contact us today for a full consultation and take a step closer towards overcoming addiction.


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