Heroin Abuse Treatment for Addicts in Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas has had a somewhat glamorous image, but the city nicknamed “Sin City” has a very dark side. Its residents are rapidly becoming victims of heroin abuse. Heroin is Las Vegas’ fastest-growing drug problem and the new addicts are young. You will find that the average age of the modern heroin user is between 18 and 25 and they can be of any gender, ethnicity or from any socioeconomic background. It is an epidemic.

A Link between Prescription Opiates, Heroin, and the Young are at Risk

The crime rate in Las Vegas is 120% higher than the national average and many of these crimes can be traced back to substance abuse. An interagency drug task force has seen an ongoing increase in drug seizures and while opioid-related deaths have decreased slightly, fatal heroin overdoses have tripled.

One worrying finding is that people who tried prescription opiates like OxyContin and Vicodin turned to heroin when they found these drugs difficult or expensive to get hold of. It is troubling but true to say that heroin is said to be cheaper and more easily available. The Mexican cartels have turned from growing marijuana for cash to growing opium poppies from which heroin is derived and with Las Vegas being so close to the border, it makes it an ideal marketplace.

Heroin is so highly addictive that you can soon become hooked. It is extremely potent and the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms make it difficult to quit even if you want to. The huge increase in heroin use in Las Vegas is causing strain on resources for drug abuse treatment and recovery. Heroin is difficult to quit without help. You or your loved one should seek professional help for rehab and perhaps we can help. Maybe California drug abuse treatment is best for you.

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