What kind of questions can we ask about recovery when they come home?

Welcoming a loved one home from recovery treatment is an exciting but potentially nerve-wracking time, typically filled with hope and cautious optimism. It’s also a time when many open and honest conversations can be had, each playing a crucial role in helping to reinforce that commitment to sobriety. In this post, we’re going to look […]

The role of peer support in mental health treatment

For individuals obtaining mental health treatment, it has probably been mentioned by your care team that there is incredible value in peer support. Peer support has been rapidly gaining recognition as a crucial component of comprehensive and effective mental health. Peer support embodies the principle that those who have navigated the complexities of mental health […]

What should I do if I suspect someone has an addiction problem?

Realizing that someone you care about may be struggling with an addiction can be heart-wrenching and confusing. You might feel uncertain about what steps to take or how to address your concerns without causing distress or conflict. In this post, we’ll look at some practical steps that you can take if you suspect someone has […]

How do you get someone to go to rehab?

Helping someone acknowledge that they need to go to rehab can be a challenging but crucial step in their journey to recovery. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or even yourself, the path to seeking help is often fraught with denial, fear, and uncertainty.  It’s critical to approach the subject with compassion, understanding, and the […]

How to Regulate Your Emotions

Learning how to regulate your emotions is a critical skill that impacts not only your mental well-being but also your relationships and overall quality of life. Emotional regulation isn’t about suppressing feelings; it’s about managing them in a way that allows you to act in your best interest. In this article, we’ll discuss various skills […]

How to Know if My Friend Has Depression

When we’re close to someone, we can often sense that something is wrong. In many cases, you may be able to tell that something is wrong, even if you don’t recognize the signs. In other situations, maybe you have suspicions that your friend is depressed, but don’t know what to look for. Depression is very […]

The Benefits of Family Therapy

Can family therapy help and what is it designed to accomplish? As a structured form of psychotherapy, family therapy (or family-based intervention) aims at reducing stress and relational conflicts in the home environment by improving interactions between family members. For people recovering from substance addiction, family therapy can be an important component of relapse prevention.  […]

How Does Addiction Affect the Whole Family?

Addiction does not only affect the individual. Because of the addicted person’s behavioral changes, it may affect the entire family who lives under the same roof including parents, spouses, and children. The addicted family member often experiences physical and mental deterioration, which can be painful to witness. Addiction frequently occurs with dysfunctions that involve neglect, […]

What Are the Signs of Dissociation in a Loved One?

We have all had moments of being in a trance while not noticing what was going on in our environment. The human brain regularly functions this way to detach from reality to release stress. But when this “autopilot” state of the mind becomes the main coping mechanism, it is known as Dissociative Disorder or dissociation. […]

Introducing Communication Techniques in Family Therapy

Family is defined as an interrelated spectrum of varied individuals who make up a unified community or group. This definition of family is based on bonds, not numbers. When viewed as a diverse and broad system, the family can be defined as a multifaceted construction made up of an interdependent collection of individuals who have […]

How Do You Bring Estranged Family Members Back Together?

    A sense of loss and grief often results when family members don’t communicate, regardless of the relationship quality.  According to Karl Pillemers book, “Fault Lines: Fractured Families and How to Mend Them,” over 67 million Americans are estimated to be estranged from a family member. Distance from a family member can be a […]

Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month with Good Mental Health

  May is Mental Health Awareness Month, otherwise known as Mental Health Month, which means it’s a great time to show you care about mental health. With millions of Americans dealing with some sort of mental illness, it’s important to raise awareness of mental health and provide support for those affected by mental illness. Showing […]