Having a clear yet concise resume is extremely important in landing the job you want. Here at Casa Recovery, we understand how vital it is to successfully integrate back into society after rehab, and we put on resume workshops as part of our extended care offerings to help you craft the resume you need. Writing a resume after rehab can be tricky with the break in job history, but there are constructive and intelligent ways of handling that time period that can help in explaining it. Here are some tricks and tips from us here at Casa Recovery on how to best write a resume:

Have the Necessary Info Highlighted.

Can you easily find your name and contact information on the top of the document? If so, your potential employer will be easily able to find them as well. Having headers for important sections is helpful as well to draw the reader’s eyes to the most important information, i.e. “Work Experience,” “Unique Skills,” “Accomplishments,” etc.- whatever you think would highlight yourself in a positive light.

Be Clear and Concise, not Wordy and Lengthy.

While you might want to give full and complete details on each and every job history or volunteer experience, keeping it short and clear might be your best bet in keeping the reader’s attention. Potential employers are probably looking through many resumes, and if they have to go through paragraphs to get and understand your work history, they might move on faster than it took you to write those paragraphs.

Have Someone You Trust Look It Over.

Whether you go through our resume workshops here at Casa Recovery or you go it yourself, having a second (or third) pair of eyes looking over what you wrote is imperative to make sure there are no errors and that it is easily understandable. You might word something one way that you think makes sense, but someone reading it from an outsider’s perspective might not understand- this is what they can point out for you.

Take advantage of informative resume workshops here at Casa Recovery

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