While it rehab for drug or alcohol addiction (or both), it is imperative to stay focused on the day to day growth and healing. Looking too far into the future might insight anxiety about what to do after rehab and how you will integrate well back into society, however not looking enough into the future might make you ill-prepared to handle these imminent experiences.

We here at Casa Recovery understand the balance between living in the present but looking towards the future, which is why we are highly aware of how important learning (or relearning) sustainable and usable life skills while in rehab is. These life skills might seem easy or no-brainers, but recalibrating yourself to keep these at the forefront of your day to day living in rehab and after it will help you integrate well back into the society from which you left. Here are some basic life skills that are important to cultivate:

Maintain your personal space with dignity.

Keep your space clean, organized, and individualized. By taking pride in the space that you inhabit, you’ll begin to develop a sense of pride with things associated with you and your general well-being. Plus, it will be a great point to share when looking for future roommates or shared living situations.

Keep yourself first, in body and mind.

Healthy living and eating is extremely important- by giving yourself the best and putting a high emphasis on the things you put in your body, you are less likely to put something in that would harm you, i.e. drugs and/or alcohol.

Get responsible with your finances.

More than likely, you are entering rehab in a tough or not ideal financial situation. Addiction can result in lost days at work, inappropriate or unnecessary spending, and a lack of care when it comes to making important financial decisions or planning for the future. By looking at your finances from a macro-perspective, you can plan out appropriate spending and start saving for your future.

Cultivate Good Life Skills at Casa Recovery

Let us here at Casa Recovery help you re-learn and cultivate life skills during your time with us and give you a solid foundation to continue these life skills into your future past your addiction. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule your private consultation today.


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