What to Expect in Alcohol Detox

What to Expect in Alcohol Detox

What is Alcohol Detox Really Like?

While it is not inevitable that everyone who drinks ends up with alcohol addiction, it is an increasing problem in America. Although most people don’t start out with the intention of becoming addicted, what often starts as casual drinking can soon become binge drinking and it is then that drinking habits can spiral out of control. Because alcohol is not an illegal substance and it is easily available, if not encouraged as a way of celebrating certain events, it can sometimes to be difficult to identify alcoholism, making it easy to mask. More often than not, people who do recognize they have a drinking problem are fearful of openly admitting it because they fear detox and its unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Here we take a look at what is actually involved in detoxing alcohol in an attempt to demystify the process.

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What Happens During Alcohol Detox?

When someone stops drinking, the withdrawal symptoms can be potentially life-threatening, particularly if someone has been addicted for many years. Generally speaking, the more severe the addiction the more uncomfortable the withdrawal symptoms are likely to be. If detoxing in a rehab center, you’ll have medics on hand to make the process a little less unpleasant.

The main reason for the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms after abstaining from drinking is that the body is not getting the substances it has grown to be dependent on. This has a negative effect on the body, brain neurotransmitters and also blood levels which effectively go into shock. Once alcohol is no longer present in the body and mind, the effects on the rest of the body are usually adverse.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Increased feelings of depression and anxiety
  • Extreme fatigue and insomnia
  • Mood swings and irritability
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Sweating profusely
  • A rapid heart rate
  • Dangerous dehydration
  • Delirium Tremens, also known as ‘the DTs’
  • Although it could never be described as an easy process, detox doesn’t always take very long to complete. Naturally it depends on how long someone has been drinking heavily and what they have been drinking but generally, withdrawal symptoms peak by 24 to 72 hours although in some cases they can go on for weeks. The most important thing is to be in the right environment for medically supervised detox, which will ensure that the more distressing withdrawal symptoms are effectively managed.

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