When a person has clinical depression, it is not the kind of illness that just goes away. Many people find themselves suffering in silence which can lead to their feelings of depression becoming intense. When this happens, the potential to use alcohol or drugs to alleviate the symptoms is increased significantly. It is not uncommon for people with mental illnesses to go on to develop substance use disorder. Here we take a look at exactly what’s at risk for people who do not seek help for depression.

Why You Should Seek Treatment for Depression

Clinical depression is an illness that in effect “hijacks” the whole body in terms of the way a person thinks, feels and behaves. The illness affects the way a person feels about themselves, the world around them and also their place in the future. For many sufferers, the feelings of intense hopelessness can mean that they are not capable of viewing the future with any optimism and they feel desperate about their current situation too. This means it is not unusual for sufferers to exhibit extreme mood swings including anger and aggression as the frustration inside them builds with their deepening depression.

If a person doesn’t seek treatment for depression, they can place their bodies under enormous stress and strain. Over a period of time, this can lead to further health complications including heart conditions and ultimately coronary arrest. Another factor that can make depression difficult to cope with over the long term is a progressively decreasing ability to cope with life’s simplest of challenges. Many people with depression who have not received treatment will become debilitated by their own thought processes, making it difficult for them to function.

Someone with untreated depression is likely to have interrupted sleep patterns. They may sleep more than usual or find it difficult to sleep at all. People with severe depression can also find it difficult to silence a negative internal dialogue that doesn’t seem to stop. These negative “voices” can be extremely exhausting if experienced over a period of time and some turn to alcohol or drugs in attempts to silence them.

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It is important to remember that there is treatment available for depression and reaching out when the symptoms first emerge can make for a rapid recovery from the illness. Our center is located in serene surroundings in Southern California and we offer a wide range of mental health services with specialist therapists, clinicians, and counselors. Find your way to a brighter future today with Casa Recovery and contact us for a consultation at your discretion.


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