Bipolar disorder is a type of depression that’s characterized by episodes of mania and depression. The two extremes may be present in a sufferer at different times or they may experience symptoms of euphoria and depression simultaneously. This can make bipolar very difficult to diagnose and many people fail to seek treatment through lack of awareness of how successful therapy can be in helping them overcome the illness.

What Are The Symptoms Of Bipolar?

As mentioned above, people with bipolar generally experience the following feelings of mania and depression:

Symptoms of mania:

– Unusually upbeat or erratic behavior

– Being extremely animated in conversation and talking rapidly

– Decreased need to sleep and extreme agitation or restlessness

– Inability to focus or concentrate and being easily distracted

– Irresponsible behavior such as casual sexual encounters or making foolhardy investments

Symptoms of depression:

– Overwhelming sadness or feelings of emptiness

– Being overly emotional and becoming tearful easily

– Loss of interest in pleasurable activities including sex

– Significant weight loss or weight gain

– Interrupted sleep patterns including insomnia or sleeping too much

– Fatigue, restlessness and slowed behavior

– Suicidal thoughts and feelings

Effects of Untreated Bipolar Disorder

The complications of untreated bipolar include the following:

– Drug or alcohol abuse

– Legal and financial problems

– Damage to close personal relationships

– Poor performance at work or school

The kind of problems caused by avoiding treatment for bipolar disorder are extensive and can affect a person’s life for many years. Seeking treatment when the first signs of a mental illness emerge is important, particularly in terms of treating the condition quickly and effectively.

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