Anxiety is a type of health condition that affects many Americans today and can be debilitating to some. Sufferers can find it difficult to carry out their duties and responsibilities at home or work and in extreme cases, it can affect a person’s ability to do the simplest of everyday tasks. Despite the far-reaching effects of anxiety on an individual’s personal life and close relationships, many fail to seek the treatment that can change their lives for the better. This can be because they are not sure if there’s anything wrong or they may feel they are too hopeless a case for treatment. Whatever the reasons for not seeking treatment for anxiety, it is worth knowing what potential long-term effects this kind of avoidance can lead to.

Why You Should Seek Treatment for Anxiety

It is always important to address any mental health issues when the signs first emerge, which can be done by simply seeing a physician. However, without this vital first step towards specialist treatment for anxiety, there remains potential to develop any of the following associated health consequences:

– Depression: There is a strong relationship between depression and anxiety and one condition can trigger the other.

– Suicide: Around 90% of people dying by suicide have a history of mental illness according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

– Substance abuse: Many people with a mental illness find themselves using substances to relieve their symptoms. This often leads to addictive behavior and ultimately, substance use disorder – these patients are known as dual-diagnosis.

– Physical illness: Chronic stress is often associated with an anxiety disorder, which compromises the immune system making the person vulnerable to disease and infection. Ultimately, a person with anxiety may become more susceptible to flu, colds and other viral infections.

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