On your journey to recovery you will find the need for inner and outer reflection. The wonderful weather of Southern California provides an ideal setting. It is proven that pleasant weather allows for more time spent outdoors, which in itself has a healing function. Even before you begin to participate in any activity which reconnects you with nature such as nature watching, or hiking, the sunshine is working on different levels to help you gently heal your mind, body and spirit.

Why Southern California Rehab Works

Here at Casa Recovery in San Juan Capistrano, CA, we believe there is something very special about living in Southern California. This is echoed in the varied aspects of the treatment programs we offer. Our holistic approach recognizes the need for balance and peace and through a combination of physical healing, through detox, gentle treatments and exercise; we offer a path to full recovery from substance abuse and alcohol rehab in Orange County.

We have access to local licensed detox facilities and fantastic hospitals whose specialist doctors can help with the initial stages of your journey along with our fully qualified therapists who will guide you through your treatment. In times past, doctors often sent patients to the coast to take the ‘sea air’. As part of your drug rehab in Orange County, our location on the beach will help reduce stress and anxiety.

The open expanse of the ocean, coastal walks and nature watching, all contribute to inducing a new mindset which will prove essential to the new you. Gentle exercise, such as yoga, will help your body ease gently into its new clean and sober shape and our own private group exercise training program is designed to ensure a safe, personalized exercise plan in private premises with guaranteed personal attention for each client.

Come To Get Help at Casa Recovery, Southern California Drug Rehab in Orange County

Your environment is important for effective treatment for addiction and Southern California rehab offers the perfect location for your journey to sobriety. We are located in San Juan Capistrano, CA and our exclusive rehab facilities offer a soothing and comfortable experience while you are combating your addiction issues with first-class treatment. Contact our consultants today to find out how Casa Recovery can benefit you.

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