Dialectical Behavior Therapy (or DBT for short), is an evidence-based practice that teaches rehab patients how to manage difficult emotions. This is invaluable in decreasing the certain conflict created in their lives as a result of negative addictive behavior. Behavioral therapies have been shown to be highly effective in promoting long-term sobriety as it addresses the root causes of substance abuse in each individual patient.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Addiction Treatment

DBT was originally developed as a treatment approach for personality disorders. However, over time and with subsequent research, the therapy has been shown to be equally effective for people with eating disorders, depression and other mental illnesses like addiction. The main value of DBT in an addiction treatment context is that it provides a method for individuals to explore their innermost thoughts and feelings and find ways of regulating the more negative emotions.

It is unrealistic to expect that someone who has been through rehab is going to go on to live without drugs or alcohol forever. The fact is that there are always going to be stresses and strains in daily life but it is how we respond to them that matters. Someone who has attended DBT sessions for alcohol or drug abuse learns how to adjust their thought processes to make them more flexible in how they respond to negative stimulus.

The ultimate objective of rehabilitation treatment from addiction is to prepare individuals for a life in recovery. This means learning how to make healthier choices. DBT recognizes that our choices are influenced by our emotions and puts individuals in touch with theirs which gives them greater clarity. DBT improves decision-making skills that are effective coping mechanisms to prevent relapse after rehab.

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