Although post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is mostly associated with people from the military or veterans, it can affect anyone. PTSD is a very frightening condition that often perpetuates a severe reaction to a traumatic event, experience, or incident. The types of events that can result in a person developing PTSD include:

  • Serious road traffic accidents
  • Violent assaults including sexual assault or robbery
  • Prolonged exposure to physical, emotional or mental abuse/li>
  • Witnessing violent incidents, possibly including fatalities
  • Being taken hostage or being involved in a terrorist attack
  • Natural disasters like hurricanes and severe flooding
  • Being diagnosed with a serious health condition
  • Unexpected injury or loss of a loved one

Essentially, there is no one cause of PTSD as it is an intensely personal illness people experience in very different ways. Consequently, there are numerous treatment approaches for PTSD which focuses on the individual, creating a personalized program to address their specific needs.

Why Do People Get PTSD?

When someone experiences a traumatic event, the body goes into “fight or flight” mode. This means that the body is prepared to engage in whatever situation is unraveling or run away. The physical effects are to increase the heart rate, reduce appetite and give an adrenalin rush that makes us feel powerful.

While most people will suffer the effects of this instinctive reaction for a few days after a trauma, some struggle to shake off the symptoms. These people are very likely to have developed PTSD and are recommended to seek specialist treatment. PTSD is a mental health condition that sometimes emerges within a short time after a trauma and in other cases; symptoms may not develop for months or years after the event.

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