Our understanding of depression as an illness is greater than it has ever been and there are now numerous treatment paths available to sufferers. But what causes the mental illness that is characterized by a sense of hopelessness about the future that debilitates hundreds of thousands of Americans today? Here we take a closer look.

The Relationship between Depression and Addiction

There is a strong correlation between depression and substance abuse for the following reasons:

  • Individuals can find themselves turning to drugs or alcohol to ease the distressing symptoms of depression, or
  • The symptoms of depression can be caused as a direct result of addictive behaviors and substance abuse

However, it doesn’t necessarily follow that someone with depression is also abusing substances; nevertheless, it remains a risk to a person coping with the illness.

Ultimately, depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain which can be passed on genetically, triggered by trauma or other medical conditions.

Coping with the Daily Symptoms of Depression

No matter what the causes of depression, it is a lifelong condition that requires treatment to help people cope with symptoms. Despite the challenges of overcoming depression, it is very possible to control the intense mood swings that otherwise plunge people into darkness and isolation. Along with medical treatments, holistic therapies are invaluable in empowering people with depression to find healthy and natural ways of dealing with their illness.

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