Addiction is a very widespread phenomenon and manifests itself in many forms. However, for the addict and those closest to them, it can sometimes feel like a very lonely process. Reading books on rehab and recovery can be a great help as a book gives you time to think and you can pick it up and put it down as you please. While face to face counseling and group therapy is very helpful, reading a book in your own time can often help you find answers to questions you didn’t know you had and reading about other people’s experience and being able to study techniques and recovery advice at your own pace has endless benefits.

Current Bestselling Books on Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab:

‘Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions’ by Russell Brand. In this book, comedian, and actor Russel Brand shares his own take on addiction to drugs, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, work, stress, digital media, bad relationships and fame and the 12-step program. Drawing on his own experience and the wisdom of others, he suggests the book is ‘a useful companion to the other literature and support groups available’. Using his extensive vocabulary, anecdotal style and unique way of explaining things he guides you through the process which he himself has used to recover from serious addictions. The combination of his worldview, honesty, wit and humanist spirituality produce a book that whether you are an addict yourself, know someone who is, work in the field of recovery, or are just curious about the 12-step program; you are bound to find something that resonates with you.

‘Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of keeping us Hooked’ by Adam Alter. It is said that half the American population is addicted to at least one behavior, such as the human capacity for obsession and our love affair with social media and binge-watching tv are just the beginning. Alter is a professor of psychology and marketing at NYU and in this book, he focuses on the latest technology-based obsessions controlling our lives and offers some tools to help us become masters of these addictive products, rather than them controlling us. Alter demystifies the irresistible nature of today’s technology and offers some hope and guidance about how we can turn this newest and pervasive obsession to our advantage.

‘In The Realm Of Hungry Ghosts’ by Gabor Mate. Drawing on his experience as a medical doctor and his work with addicts in Vancouver he takes a holistic approach to addiction implying that addiction is a continuum that runs through society and is a result of a mixture of personal history, emotional and neurological development, brain chemistry and the drugs and behaviors of addiction. He offers us science with positive solutions as he brings together research findings on addiction and brain research from all over the world and promotes the idea of self-understanding as the first starting point for healing and recovery.

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